will run for booze.

28 years old, running through Brooklyn & training for whatever comes next.

This is a blog about food, beer and cats.
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Sheldon won’t iron because he “doesn’t have thumbs!” which is a pretty lame excuse in my book…

Nickel Creek. amazing, as always.

"I don’t selfie." @elliotronen (at Celebrate Brooklyn!)

secret sisters!

Just a random message of kindness, keep on being awesome and have a wonderful day/night. #Stop the anon hate 2K14
runsforbrunch runsforbrunch Said:

<3 thanks buddy, I needed this! 

just had a 10 minute battle with Sheldon over a giant roach. he wanted to play with it, I wanted to flush it.

…and so my day begins.

no, it’s cool body. I didn’t want my neck to be able to support my head this morning. besides, turning my whole body to see things is so much cooler.

in which my mother doesn’t give a fuck.


Happy Early Birthday to @runsforbrunch!! She gets a free ticket to the Yankee game & a hot dog. And beer. Because beer. #goyankees (at Yankee Stadium)

how am I still single?

this is us, never getting to the game.

….because she’s lost inside macys.


She’s currently waiting for me in her office and is apparently starving, bored and in pain.

Entertain runsforbrunch, tumblr! I can’t do this by myself!!

won’t pay for my beer, and pawns me off on other people. yeah, great sister I’ve got….

so derp. much snuggle. #lana #chiweenie #dogsofinstagram

birth month, what are you 12?

it’s a scientific fact that when you’re born on the 1st day of the month, you have to celebrate the entire month.

seriously. it’s on the internet. don’t you know anything?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
happy birthday!
runsforbrunch runsforbrunch Said:


it’s actually next Friday! well, let’s be honest. the entire month of August.

every year for my birthday, my mom makes a Kahlua marbled pound cake. this year, she said no.

at least she’s googling boozy cupcake recipes to make up for it.