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overslept, missed my window to run. and now I need to get ready to spend the day sitting in a conference about video advertising. which means dressing like an adult.

so yeah, that’s my Wednesday so far. lovely.

I know this argument has been made before, and nothing that I’m saying is new. but for so many people, it’s important to read and understand.

we need to stop treating mental illness as if it’s something to be ashamed of. if we were to treat mental illnesses the same way we treat physical illness, think of how many more people would live healthy, successful lives.

if you have strep throat, you can recognize the symptoms and see your doctor. after explaining your symptoms and running tests, your doctor can prescribe medicine to treat your strep throat…but for some reason people are afraid to go to their doctor and explain when they’re having symptoms indicative of mental illness.

we’ve made mental illness such a taboo in this country (I won’t speak for the world, as I’ve only lived in the United States) that people are afraid to discuss their health with their health providers.in a time where we are pushing so hard for everyone to get health insurance, I think we need to make sure that we’re making their physical and mental healtha priority — and guarantee that they can get help whether or not they can afford the insurance coverage.

for the longest time, I struggled to decide how we can all break down the barriers associated with treating mental illness. and I think I’ve come up with a starting point.

the-faces-of.tumblr.com is going to be my side project, and I’d encourage you all to contribute and share with family & friends. the premise is a picture of each of us who struggles with mental illness (on any level) with a short story of our background and how life has changed for the better or worse. we just need to get the truth out there, and get people talking.

so, in the coming days, I’ll post my photo and my story. I’d love it if you would share the blog — and submit your stories if you’d like. one day at a time, we can make things better.


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On a scale from 1-10 how attracted are you to beards, guys who lift, tattoos, guys who make pancakes, guys who love giving oral, good taste in music, and politeness?
runsforbrunch runsforbrunch Said:



I feel like this is a pick up line.

It’s working, my friend.

10/10 would put a ring on it.

naturallystrong could you please quit hitting on other women?

I don’t know, his taste in music is debatable….

wants something healthy for dinner.

orders sushi.

all three rolls deep-fried.

"I’ll call you after the girl from craigslist picks up the table so you know I’m still alive."

….doesn’t pick up the phone. THANKS MOM.

Agreed! Is your stylist taking new clients? Because you always look amazing, and my stylist moved away. :(

yes! message me and I’ll send you her info :)

hahahahah nope. sorry tuesday, I’m out. go fuck yourself.

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  • Coworker: Jocelyn, you had the super up here to deal with an electrical issue this morning and now the printer’s not working.
  • Me: is it plugged in?
  • CW: ugh, yes.
  • Me: is it ON?
  • CW: YES!
you guys, how is it only Tuesday? this week needs to be over already, because I am totally over this week.

you guys, how is it only Tuesday? this week needs to be over already, because I am totally over this week.

the end result!

the end result!

my hair dresser is on a mission….

ugh. TFW naturallystrong doesn’t respond to my text messages immediately. 

what a jerk.

pro tip: don’t look your trainer in the eyes first thing Monday morning. you will regret it, and you won’t be able to do your makeup properly ever again.

my arms. dead. dying. kill me.