will run for booze.

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RIP second toenail, you will be missed.

honey ginseng tea, theraflu, wonton soup and steamed veggie dumplings.


such a sweet face.

such a sweet face.

made it halfway through an all hands meeting before my CEO noticed Lana curled up in my lap.

she’s pretty much the best dog ever.

it’s official. i’m dying of the plague.

sorry, 94monkeys and fromthebackofthepack you’re going to have to push me 26.2 miles in a wheelbarrow on Sunday.

I may or may not be getting sick 6 days before my marathon.

because of course I am.

pro tip: don’t run a 10 mile race the day after moving.

that was awful.

Kitchen: unpacked

Living Room: unpacked

Bedroom: level 10 disaster area. send help. 

I have cable!

cable: we’ll be there between 2&5 pm.

buzzer rings at 4:59.

but hey, at least he was technically on time!

the excitement of hanging out with @drunkbrunch and moving into a new apartment completely wore Lana out!

done! movers are gone, and I’ve made my bed.

who wants to help me unpack?


Puppysitting Lana for @runsforbrunch! We took a big walk through the greenmarket, ate a bagel & let kids pet us. #brooklynshit (at Park Slope Historic District)

look at my angel baby! she’s just so happy! thanks for puppy sitting!!!