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the hardest, most challenging miles I’ve ever put in. 

met my team at Prospect Park at 8am for figure-8s of the park, goal was 12-14 miles. since I did 12 last week, coach said I needed more than that. she’s right…I need the time on my feet.

the first time around the park I struggled mentally — I couldn’t get in a zone physically and I was letting that take over my mind. I thought about quitting 100 times.

then, I got into it mentally. after 4.5 miles, I knew I wanted those three figure-8s. I just couldn’t get myself together physically. my legs felt heavy, my head hurt and was having a really hard time finding any sort of rhythm that would keep me comfortable.

around mile 6, my coach and I figured out that although I’m hydrating, I probably need more salt (I’m a very salty sweater) in the days coming up to a long run, and I should try salt tabs for those long days. luckily, we ran into some of her friends with another team and they had some gatorade to spare.

I was slow. I took walking breaks. I pushed myself well out of my comfort zone. but in the end, I finished. when my legs didn’t want to go 4 miles, they went 13. and that’s something to remember when I hit those hard miles in a marathon. you’ve always got a little bit left in the tank.

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